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Year two

August 31st 2022. Posted by Tom Kiss.

A look at our second year of business and the positive impacts we achieved.

Round two!

Our second year with Dodeca Studio has been another productive one. We continued working with Double Fine, adding new features to their website throughout the year, and we also worked with New Automotive to create a new website to help local authorities with the electric transition. Plus, we created a new website for Failbetter Games - all whilst continuing to work at home alongside a pandemic that was ever so slowly easing away...

Carbon Impact

Having tried Carbon Analytics and Compare Your Footprint for our first-year accounts, it was clear that a better solution was needed for future years. We used the Ecologi Zero beta for our second year's carbon impact calculations, and it's been a huge improvement on the previous tools we used, but the calculation methods have changed, making it harder to compare to our first year.

Our carbon footprint for year two. This is much smaller than the first year, which is to be expected, thanks to IT expenditure being lower.

Carbon offsetting

We continued to use Ecologi as our partner for Carbon Offsetting. Through Ecologi we have been able to support a wide range of carbon removal and mitigation projects around the world, including:

All the projects come with Carbon credit certificates, certified by Gold Standard. It is these carbon credits that have helped us to offset the impact of our business and the projects on which we work.

We managed to offset around 20 tonnes more carbon and pay for around 200 more trees to be planted than in our first year; despite reducing our CO₂ emissions.

Force for Good

Continuing our membership of One Percent for the Planet, we managed to give back over 5% of revenue to environmental causes in our second year. We also continued our tradition of making donations to celebrate each project we completed.

We've continued our donations to Trees for Life alongside our carbon-offsetting investments to Ecologi and as well as supporting Possible and Global Canopy. We also doubled the size of some donations by making use of match-funding, available during The Big Give.

Charities and organisations we were able to support in our second year, and the percentage of donations they account for.