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New AutoMotive Local

Developing a resource site for Local Authorities to advance their transition to Electric Vehicles.


  • Responsive design
  • Content Management
  • Craft CMS
  • Development
NewAutoMotive for Local Areas homepage (mobile)
NewAutoMotive for Local Areas homepage (desktop)

New AutoMotive is a grant-funded non-profit with a talented team on a mission to accelerate and support the switch to electric vehicles in the UK.

Their Local Areas project is being developed to support local authorities around the UK as they come to take on the challenges and of the electric transition.

New AutoMotive's team developed the design for the site, from which we built an accessible and performant front-end, with all content fully configurable through Craft CMS.

New Automotive Local Page Layouts
NewAutoMotive for Local Areas primer toolkit (mobile)
NewAutoMotive for Local Areas primer toolkit (desktop)

Performance & Environmental Impact

  • 0.14g CO₂ per page view*
  • 88% Cleaner than an average webpage*
  • CDN Renewable energy & REGO-credit offset
  • 96% Lighthouse performance score
  • 100% Lighthouse accessibility score
  • 100% Lighthouse SEO score

* Recorded via Website Carbon for the homepage, June 2021
† Generated via Lighthouse for the homepage, June 2021
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Force for Good

As a certified member of 1% for the Planet, a little bit of every project we work on goes back to support environmental causes. But we also like to celebrate completing projects with a little extra something.

Rewilding the Scottish Highlands

Trees for Life are a charity on a mission to enable the restoration of the Caledonian Forest - a forest that once covered much of Scotland. We've donated to Trees for Life to enable them to keep doing the fantastic work that they do, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive - in a place close to both home and heart.

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Supporting action on climate

To celebrate working with New AutoMotive on their Local Authority project, we purchased 500 trees through Ecologi, along with 10 tonnes of carbon offsets, certified by Gold Standard. The trees are part of a large-scale mangrove planting project in Madagascar.

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