About Dodeca Studio

Tom Kiss

Dodeca Studio is me, Tom Kiss. After 20 years developing web sites, user interfaces and marketing campaigns for some fantastic companies, I've decided to go it alone and try something new.

For some years now I've been terrified of climate change. I've done what I can at home: stopped eating meat, insulated the house, switched to an electric vehicle and ditched my gas boiler. I set up Electric Brighton to try and help the transition to electric vehicles in my home city of Brighton & Hove. Inspired in part by attending the brilliant Meaning Conference for the past five years and, hearing stories of businesses doing good in the world, I decided it was time to apply my climate-conscious thinking to my work.

The worldwide web and the internet it is a part of, account for around 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions. That may not sound like much until you realise that it's more than the aviation industry. Websites of the future need to be more efficient and run on cleaner energy, and as an experienced web professional that's something I can help solve.

So what am I doing? Firstly I'm running this company to be as sustainable as possible. Minimising environmental impact means using the best low-carbon products and services I can find. I'll be doing carbon accounting for the business from day one, so there's no promise to be "carbon neutral by 2030", it's as low carbon as possible from the start. At the end of each year, I'll ensure that any carbon which couldn't be mitigated is offset by investing in tree-planting and conservation projects. And secondly, I'll be applying what I learn through these processes to my clients' work, encouraging and enabling their own businesses to be less carbon-intensive. I've set out a list of company commitments in our plan.

I'm just beginning on this journey. I have a lot to learn and I don't know where this will take me, but I'm hoping that I'll have made a difference by creating positive impact with the work I do. I'll be documenting my progress on the blog and would love to have your support.