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Electric Brighton

A new design, built on sustainable web technologies and helping to drive the transition to sustainable transport.


  • Interface design
  • Front-end development
  • Responsive design
  • Content Management
  • Craft CMS
  • Branding
  • Email marketing
Electric Brighton - Homepage (desktop)
Electric Brighton - Homepage (mobile)

Electric Brighton aims to help with the transition to sustainable transport locally, by providing detailed information on charging infrastructure in the city and to answer some of the questions people have around electric vehicles.

An updated look with immediate results

The new design for electricbrighton.com retains much of the core branding elements for Electric Brighton but features new supporting artwork from freelance illustrator, Sophie Carpenter. The new website adds a number of improvements over the previous version, including better performance, accessibility and SEO optimisation. Page loading times have dramatically improved, helping to increase site traffic 10% per month, for the first four months following its relaunch.

A searchable FAQ provides detailed information on a number of topics relating to electric vehicles.

Electric Brighton - Charge point map (desktop)
Electric Brighton - Charge point map (mobile)

A modern approach to front-end design

Under the hood, a new build process using Webpack has helped to streamline both the CSS and JavaScript compilation; as well as optimising the visual assets ready for deployment. The site also makes use of the Tailwind CSS framework, for rapid development. All these changes together have ensured further performance gains on the site's front end, helping to improve the overall speed for the user.

Site content was migrated to the latest Craft CMS version, which has provided easy-to-use tools for updating the live site. Craft CMS has also provided an Element API, which has been perfect for serving JSON data for many of the location pages and the more dynamic Charging and Community pages.

Performance & Environmental Impact

  • 0.6g CO₂ per page view*
  • 95% Lighthouse performance score
  • 100% Lighthouse SEO score
  • 100% Renewable hosting & CDN

* Recorded via Website Carbon for the homepage, January 2021
† Generated via Lighthouse for the homepage, March 2021
‡ Provided via Krystal UK and Google Cloud Platform

Force for Good

As a certified member of 1% for the Planet, a little bit of every project we work on goes back to support environmental causes. But we also like to celebrate completing projects with a little extra something.

Supporting action on climate

To celebrate our work building the latest version of the Electric Brighton website, we purchased 500 trees and 10 tonnes of carbon offsets, certified by Gold Standard. The trees are part of a project being undertaken by Eden Reforestation, who are working hard replanting mangroves in Madagascar; where up to 90% of forests have been destroyed.

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