Our plan

Our purpose

Create leading content for honest companies, whilst helping them to reduce the impact of their digital content on the environment, for a better planet.

Our commitments

Dodeca Studio will:

  • Strive to produce the best digital content for our clients, running efficiently on clean energy wherever possible.
  • Run carbon accounting from day one for the whole company. Using this data, we will apply a self-imposed Carbon Tax at the end of every year, investing in conservation and tree-planting initiatives. This will allow us to be carbon-neutral from the start.
  • Not work for any clients or projects relating to fossil fuels, those with damaging effects to the environment, or those with questionable ethical practices.
  • Join and contribute annually to the 1% for the Planet initiative.
  • Avoid purchasing new equipment whenever possible; instead, use refurbished or good quality second-hand.
  • Ensure good recycling practices, including batteries, IT equipment and furniture waste.
  • Vet and ensure all third-party services which we use are the most environmentally sustainable options, with bold ethics policies wherever possible.

Future goals